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Monday, September 17th


gwt all 3 missing files in print....more coming soon!



Sunday, August 27th


the missing file 3 volume collection, printed and e-version:

$ 50 plus $ 5.00 shipping, no matter where they go




Avaiable soon:


about 200 pages, 5.5 x 8.5 inches

full color, preorder your copy now: $ 45 including shipping



here are a few sample pages:




Wednesday, August 15th


a new batch of punties with wooden handles and metal disk enD. Great for making murrini and cane!  




 ow available in print and e-file: volume 3 of PTF:the missing fikes



Now available: PTF-the missing files, volume 1&2 (Desigually and dichroic)


$32.50 plus $4.00 for shipping, both domestic and international



The missing files: the magic of dichroic is now available in print, the first 50 orders will receive a free strip of 3/4 inch wide dichroic courtesy of pacific art glass. Thank you John!


$18.50 plus $4.00 for shipping, both do EUSTICE and international




 Thursday, July 26th 2018


 If you have read my newest booklets, especially volume one on this equally, you might have noticed that our use a special shaper to make the smaller beads. I have had this cheaper for a while but just discovered how perfect it is to pre-shaped beads that you want to press in either the squeeze or in one the orb process. I have 4of these available, the price is $ 68.00 + $ 4.00for for domestic shipping. Please email me for international shipping...




Monday, July 16th 2018


AVAILABLE NOW: the first 3 volumes of

"Passing The Flame- the missing files"


I'm having way too much fun:

"Passing The Flame. the missing files, Volume 3: The Magic of Dichroic Glass

18 pages, $ 18 - out in print soon! 

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Sunday, July 15th 2018


I am having so much fun writing my new booklet series, volume 2 is now available: "Passing The Flame - the missing files: Once upon a bead - tales for the torch"


25 full color pages, $ 23.50

digital download, printed version available in one week

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also available: "Passing the Flame, the missing files: Volume 1, Desigually, applying the principles of design to making lampwork beads"

12 full color pages, $ 12.00

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Friday, June 22, 2018


There is a current discussion on Facebook about using Reichenbach 96 and Effetre together...just wanted to remind you of the detailed blurb I wrote about this a while ago... scroll down a little. Here a picture of a number of beads I made using Reichenbach colors, both on the outside and the inside of beads - NO bead ever cracked using these two types of glass together, if done right.






Monday, April 18th 2018: New Tool: the The Triple Whammy

(click here for more info and Buy Now button)


I got a freshly printed batch of tutorial calendars - I got lots of great reviews and decided to print more, April or not


shipping options



Here is a list of the tutorials included in this calendar:

- complex stamen,  jellyfish and sea anemone cane

- snowflake designs

- making thin encased stringer

- leaves from twisted cane

- painted on starfish

- swiped butterfly

- Ribbon cane leaf

- Fish from Ribbon cane

- the possibilities of simple murrini

- 40 designs with dots and lines

- sea turtle shell murrini

- Flattened square beads


Once in a while I order some of the awesome nippers from really is the best nipper I have come across.  I have 5 in stock, you can order one by clicking on the BUY NOW button. The price went up a little bit, due to increased shipping charges from Japan, it's $ 40, with $ 5.00 shipping. Sorry, no international shipping for these, it's just too expensive.

SOLD OUT - let me know if you're interested in getting one



I created another page on my oh-so-cluttered website, this one is for FINISHED JEWELRY.

A permanent link is on the left....





January 29th 2018 - Here is the first in my series of the "Furnace Files" - Videos created to entertain and educate you - and hopefully generate a litle extra income to pay for my new furnace. Watching the video (on you tube) is free, but if you like it (and the future ones), you could always send me a little donation via this paypal button. I very much appreciate it!


here is picture of a bead with this twistie "in Action"



 January 22nd - The government is shut down - but the Corina Kitchen of new ideas is wide open!

Since my front page is already more cluttered than my sock-drawer, I will put all the new things onto a separate page, sorry for making you click one more time......CLICK HERE to see what is new and exciting











October 3rd 2017

Just updated: my teaching schedule for 2018...hope to see you here or there..


Thanks so much to Diane Woodall for promoting the "Secret Weapon" - please click here for more info and to purchase it



Never a dull moment in Corina-land: Purchase a "raffle ticket" (for random drawings over the next year) AND with that you get a collection of 6 of my new "virtual bead" business the hope those will be a collectors item in about 50 years from now....Just keep the colored note card with a NUMBER and my signature on it - and at some point I will have a raffle of something (a bead, a tool, a whatever I can think of) - and I will announce a random number, and if that matches the number on your card, you'll be the winner. All of this for just $ 6.50 (shipping included, even overseas)


If you are interested in my newest tool, the "Secret Weapon" - it turned out that people really liked it - so I have more for sale now!!  Still $ 35



 Happy to announce the THIRD Bead retreat on Mt. Hood, June 9-10-11, 2017....the topic is RAINFOREST BEADS - the price for 3 days of tuition AND lodging in a very lovely lodge (that's why it's called LODGING) is $ 700. If you are interested or need more info, please email me, 


 Back in stock: the NEW AND VASTLY IMPROVED "Corina-Version-Rodholder. I am very excited about this one, CLICK HERE to learn more, or order directly here, $ 35.00




I finally finished the blurb about the "Secret" of the amazing purples and pinks.

CLICK HERE to read all about it


Thanks to everybody who purchased my calendar for 2016......till next year....(Hard to believe - but I'm already working on the 2017 edition!)



Avaiblabe again, the Webinar DVD - $ 49, free shipping

 just in time to go with my Petal-Tutorial in the latest SodaLimeTimes edition on Florals



2 hours, 19 minutes of amazingly filmed information - better than sitting right next to me in a class.

The price is  $ 49 "fixed" since both Marcie Davis (Producer) and Maureen James (The Flow Magazine, Glass Patterns Quarterly) are selling it and there is an agreement of "no competition") - but I can offer free shipping!




 BEADS for sale FROGS for sale



Still a popular item: My first tutorial/video combo
For more information and to purchase this, please click on the "e-tutorial" button on the left hand side under the "Main Menu" header.