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 Tuesday, July 2nd,  2019


I finally got some of my all-time favorite tools back in stock:


1. The improved Magic Masher

Now features a heat resistant padded handle, which prevents the handle from getting hot with extended use and feels more comfortable in your hand. Like all my tools it comes with a life-long guarantee. $ 85




2. The perfect "beadable" rodholder. Hold tight!

I have 18 of these - and there will be no more after these  - $ 40



3. something else a beadmaker can't live without, the fabulous Japanese Nippers

Most people who have tried these agree that they are the best nippers on the market, no awkward angle or aligning disks.....I have 5 left, but can order ore in the future, but shipping from Japan is getting more and more expensive...that's why they are now $ 40. Again, these will be the only nippers you will ever need, they last forever.


 4. I just found these in my studio: The Wire holder

Perfect for people who make things at the end of a wire (most amazing example is probaby Sara Sally-LaGrand), but a lot of people use the Carlo Dona Bellflower press. You can feed the wire through the handle and just but the piece of wire you used and continue with your next piece. 3 in stock, $ 30




2019 - a new year, hopefully full of love and health and laughter - and beads of course. Still the same way to offer beads though: I list them on my website and send out a newsletter the moment they are up. (If you're not signed up yet, click on the pink box above). The first sale of the year will be next Monday, January 7th.

A few changes this year: International shipping has gone up so much, a SINGLE bead that I can ship for $ 2.67 domestically costs $ 13.60 to the UK, or Australia or most other countries. I still only charge $ 3.00 for shipping, but since I have quite a few international customers this can get expensive. Making paypal buttons for international shipping is not very effective, a) it takes much longer to create, and b) nobody ever pays attention and just pays $ 3.00 anyway. From now on I will send out invoice for $ 5.00 for international orders, that way we "share" the additional financial burden. Hope that will work for everybody.














Here is a list of the tutorials included in this calendar:

- complex stamen,  jellyfish and sea anemone cane

- snowflake designs

- making thin encased stringer

- leaves from twisted cane

- painted on starfish

- swiped butterfly

- Ribbon cane leaf

- Fish from Ribbon cane

- the possibilities of simple murrini

- 40 designs with dots and lines

- sea turtle shell murrini

- Flattened square beads


Once in a while I order some of the awesome nippers from really is the best nipper I have come across.  I have 5 in stock, you can order one by clicking on the BUY NOW button. The price went up a little bit, due to increased shipping charges from Japan, it's $ 40, with $ 5.00 shipping. Sorry, no international shipping for these, it's just too expensive.

SOLD OUT - let me know if you're interested in getting on


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Still a popular item: My first tutorial/video combo
For more information and to purchase this, please click on the "e-tutorial" button on the left hand side under the "Main Menu" header.