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Here is all the information you need about my upcoming ISGB Rainforest Beads Class. 


Hot news from Hollywood!

I'm super excited - my new On-demand class for beginner/intermediate beadmakers is online now, you can sign up and still get the "perk" of my "early bird special":  a FREE digital copy of "Passing The Flame" (a $ 35 value). The class is available on Facebook, watch any time, for however long you want! Zoom meetings will be announced soon....

Once I receive your payment I will send you the download link for the book and an invite to both class groups (the class itself and a companion "chat group") We need to be friends on facebook for this to work, so I might send you a friend request first. Then check your facebook notifications for the invites.

The price for the class (about 11 hours, presented in short video segments) is $ 125

For more detailed info on what is covered, CLICK HERE


Where to find me on Facebook?

Corina Tettinger - personal page

Corinabeads and you - bead and beadmaking related stuff (PG = private group)

The bead doctor's office - live video sessions on common beadmaking problems (PG)


 Thursday, March 11 2021

Since my front page was getting a little cluttered I moved all my ONLINE ON-DEMAND CLASSES to a separate page. I am still working on it, but the permanent  link is at the very bottom of my "information" list on the left, or CLICK HERE to take a look.


Tuesday, December 2020


What a better way to start the new (badly needed) year with purchasing or replacing one of the most well loved tool in the Corina Universe:

THE MAGIC WAND  ($ 38, more info below)



I mentioned here and there that my trusted toolmaker of 10 years decided to retire do to arthritis in his hand. My thanks and love go out to him and his wife Mary, who did all the tool shipping for me. 

It will be a while to find someone capable and willing to make my presses and shapers, but I was successful in finding a company that did a fantastic job in creating my "can't live without it" tool:

At first glance, it looks just like the original, but there are actually a few improvemts: The heat resistant handle cover is thicker and more "grippy" and doesn't get hot with extended use.


The edges of both paddles are quite a bit sharper (which is very good!), and the brass used for the paddles is quite as thick, which also means it will get less hot.


So much for the good news - the only bad news is that I had to raise the price from $ 35 (which never changed in the 15 years of selling this) to $ 38, based on the price increase in brass and other material). I give a small discount if you purchase 2 - which will be $ 70 and applied as a partial refund. 

I won't be able to ship these out before Christmas, since I have to order more envelopes and some kind of stiff cardboard to protecht the tool during shipping. If you want to gift it as a Christmas gift you can always print out the picture and look smug....



 Wednesday, November 25 2020

 Here is the link to my "Santa Frog on Lightbulb Video" on YouTube. The video is 21 minutes long and is part of my "Corina's Frog University" online class. To be fair to those who purchased that class I charge $ 15 for this video tutorial, but it's an "honor system", if you like it, you pay, if you don't, you don't. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!



Wednesday, October 28


I have a new little tutorial for those of you who love my Groundhog beads. You might have downloaded my 1-penny pages, which only showed you to finished beads. In this tutorial you will get 10 detailed Step-by-Step tutorial on how place the dots and stringers to get the right look. 14 pages in full color for only $10





I recently posted my "Frog University" - which covers pretty much everthing you (me) can think about when it comes to making frogs. But I realized that not everybody needs 7 hours of frog-related information, so I "extrapolated" two shorter classes: 1. "The Basic Frog", perfect for beginners and intermediate beadmakers, and 2. "The Scuba Frog", which is more suited to advanced beadmakers who already know to to make a simple frog. Each class is aroun 100 minutes long, all the steps are presented in short closeup videos. Each of thes classes is $30.00


1. How to make the basic frog - anyone can do it! On-Demand class, $ 30

This class is for all levels of beadmakers (yes, beginners as well) who want to learn all the tips and tricks for proper placement of body parts and how to create those beautiful dainty finger and elegant thighs. Learn how to give your frog personality and make him leap of the bead (not literally). When you graduate fom the Basic Frog class you'll be ready for more challenging projects...


2. The Scuba Frog - a bit more demanding. On-Demand class, $ 30

 This class is for more advanced you will learn how to create and apply the gear necessary for the frog to have an amazing underwater experience. Give your frog flippers, a dotted speedo, a tank, mask and the hose to connect it all. When you graduate from the Scuba Frog class you'll be ready for whatever your imagination throws you way...


I was heartbroken when all my "in person" classes got cancelled this year, but as they say, when one door closes, another one opens - which is how I discovered the beauty of Online classes. In a strange way, they are actually more informative than real classes - you can see the action in close up, without sitting on the teachers lap, you can watch the videos over and over, and even month after the class you can ask questions, show off your work and mingle with fellow students.

Here is just a list of the classes I offer so far, scroll down to see pictures and get a better idea what the classes are about. All the classes will be accessed on FACEBOOK!


1. The Techniquark Class, 6 hours of video and still images, $ 100


2. The Fossil Bead Class, 5 hours of video and still images, $ 75




3. The Corina Frog University, 7 hours of video and still images, $ 100


And here are the descriptions of all the classes, and of course you can email me with questions before signing up!



1. The Techniquark Class


It seems like I'm always "superexcited" about something I come up with, but this time I am REALLY superexcited: I am offering my first on-line class, the topic is "How to make techniquark beads". 




I usually name those beads "quark" (long story)but for the class I renamed them "techniquarks", because this is one type of bead that requires so many "generally useful"  techniques, and you're going to learn all of them: 

- making twisties in different way

- making murrini, from simple to complex

- putting together a pleasing design

- encasing without smearing and distorting

 - and a whole bunch of bonus techniques.


When and where does this class take place? At your home of course - at any time that's convenient for you

Initially I had a live class, but people weren't so happy having to sit at the computer for over 6 hours, which is why I now only offer "on demand" - whenever you have time to watch. 

The "on-demand" version will give you access to all the videos, including the entire recorded Zoom class from the original live class, the only thing you can't do is ask question in person, but you can always ask questions and make comments on the special page "Let's talk Quarks and Stuff". You will get access to THIS page  soon as you sign up, so far it only has a couple of video messages from Kelly and me, plus pictures of beads, but with your help it will be more populated as the class nears.


How do you get access to the class(es)? As soon as you sign up I will send you an invitation to both groups, so keep an eye on your Facebook notifications.




2. The Fossibead Class

In a way there are lots of "overlaps" with the Technquark class, but there is a LOT that is different and warranted a separate class.

  Now to the content of the class. If you know my beads, you will realize that I often prepare lots of components to use in my beads - that also goes for the Fossilbeads. Some of the techniques, like making twisties or simple murrini, are very similar to what I showed in the quark class, so I MIGHT put these videos into the "BONUS section so we can focus on what's new, but that depends on how many people are "repeat offenders"...

Here are a few picturs of twisties and murrini we will be making (among others)




This is a perfect class to get you into the fall mood.... 



And my newest (and maybe favorite) Class: 

3. The Frog University

This exciting new class consist of two main parts: learning how to make a "basic" frog, with emphasis on the various body parts, option for eyes, ways to decorate the back and limbs etc, and the more playful part of making a variety of "theme-frogs", like my popular "Google Frog", the Santa Frog", Bunnie frog and the more sophisticated "Scuba Frog", followed by a look at creating more realistic frogs like Red Eye Treefrogs and Poison Dart Frog. The class is accompanied by the "Let's Talk about frogs" group where you can share your grievances.




And not to forget:


New in July: a "pocket size online class" for making Checkerboard Murrini. These instructions were part of the 6 hour online "Techniquark Class"; I had some requests for offering ONLY the Checkerboard Murrini instructions, so I isolated the instruction for the Murrini.  12 video segments for a total of about 2 hours of information. No prior Murrini Making knowledge required. The images below are some of the Murrini proudly made by the students in the "Techniquark Class". 


$ 15 (you'll receive an invitation to the "Checkerboard Class" on Facebook. 






 In the quark and fossil class I used these punties a lot, always apologizing to use a tool you don't have access to. Well, NOW you do! I have a new batch of my "wooden punties" - $ 20/pair

As usual, creating paypal buttons is comlicated, I know that several of you were interested in 2 pairs, but then I won't be able to keep track of inventory. The same goes for international orders...You can still order 2 pairs or more, the shopping cart will charge you twice for shipping, but no worries, I'll refund any overpaid shipping. If you don't have work, you'll make some. 

I also offer international shipping, PLEASE make sure to pick that shipping option! As for our Canadian friends, I guess because there is no sea between us you're not considered "overseas" - but please use the international order option, again, I'll refund the difference.

Each pair of punties costs $ 22, domestic shipping for one pair is $ 4.00, international shipping is $ 19.00

domestic shipping: 

 international shipping:





I am superexcited (I'm always superexcited when I finish a project) to finally being able to offer my latest tutorial/inspiration file: 

250 designs with Dots and Lines. This took me 10 years to pur together. There is a German saying: "was lange waehrt wird endlich gut" (if it took you that long it better be freaking awesome")...and I feel it turned out amazing, if I may say so myself. It has 30 pages of instructions, theory, excercise and plenty of "copyable" eye candy. $ 20






You might think nothing new is going on here - check my new private Facebook group: "Corinabeads and you". Lots of fun and information and interaction. Just ask to join and be part of the gang (Not sure the link will work...)


Now available as a FREE downloadable YouTube video:







While I had a long discussion in my facebook group about the benefit of printed books, I also see that there are times where e-books have a benefit. Which is why I turned the printed version of PASSING THE FLAME into a downloadable e-book. I downloaded it onto my ipad and it looks great, not sure how it would fare on a phone, lol.


The e-book version is $ 35.00 




Hurray - it's done! The 2020 Tutorial Calendar


available now only ase-file





e-file: $ 25 (tutorial pages only, no calendar part)




I am still  offering a collection of the 12 tutorials originally from my 2018 Calender. This is an instant downloadable file for you to view online or print.


Here is a list of the 12 tutorials included in this collection:

- complex stamen,  jellyfish and sea anemone cane

- snowflake designs

- making thin encased stringer

- leaves from twisted cane

- painted on starfish

- swiped butterfly

- Ribbon cane leaf

- Fish from Ribbon cane

- the possibilities of simple murrini

- 40 designs with dots and lines

- sea turtle shell murrini

- Flattened square beads



12 PAGES FOR $ 22.00

































Once in a while I order some of the awesome nippers from really is the best nipper I have come across.  I have 5 in stock, you can order one by clicking on the BUY NOW button. The price went up a little bit, due to increased shipping charges from Japan, it's $ 40, with $ 5.00 shipping. Sorry, no international shipping for these, it's just too expensive.

SOLD OUT - let me know if you're interested in getting on


 BEADS for sale FROGS for sale


Still a popular item: My first tutorial/video combo
For more information and to purchase this, please click on the "e-tutorial" button on the left hand side under the "Main Menu" header.