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Welcome to my new Facebootique  -  my place to sell things I talk about in my group "Corinabeads and You" - and other stuff


Special offer from the Doctor's Office: Spotlight on Magic Colorreactions, $ 1.00




the last batch of my monster shaper: $68




special offer for my Fossilbead friends: complete Fossilbead carepackage, $85 (domestic orders onky, sorry)

SOLD, thank you!



This Thursday (March 18, 2021) Dr. Corina takes a closer look at turning an image into a bead, sort of. Want it on paper? Get the PDF for $ 5.00 (this was one of the pages of my 2020 calendar)





Today I have a special offer for my "Quarkistas": A really nice blend of Millefiori (the italian name for "flower murrini"). I have several choices, but first a couple of pictures:

4-5 mm 


5-6 mm



There are other sizes available but prefer these 2 sizes in Quarks.

I filled them into these cute little boxes:

Each box holds 2 ounces of Millefiori, I filled these with a mix of both sizes....(If you want two ounces of each size you can buy them directly from Frantzartglass....)

The price for 2 ounces is $ 11, the shipping charges are only for domestic orders, I will definitely ship internationally, but since postage for all countries are a little different, please contact me and I'll send you invoice



Need a little help with designing beads? Checkout my booklet on "Desigually beads - applying the principles of design to making lampwork beads"....This is more focused on design rather than technique, hope it will help you a little when you wonder how to decorate your's a digital file, 13 pages for $ 10









January 25th 2021

A few of you have expressend interest in a printed version of last years popular tutorial calendar. I changed the date of the calendar part to 2021, and I ordered 10 more. They will ship around February 5th, if you want to reserve a copy, please order here (more info about the content of the calendar is on the front page of this website). The cost for the calendar (which is really more a collection of fun tutorials) is $ 35. Domestic shipping is $ 5.00  (only 1 left)





This year I have ONE Halloween piece for sale, the "Boohoo bracelet". 8 inches long with a 1 inch extender chain and adorable little pumpkin and bat dangling charms. $ 160 (which includes free Priority Mail shipping)

SOLD, thank yiou! 



It was time for my semi-annual studio cleanup, and I found some cool stuff! Hope there is something you can't live without (and let's hope I don't sell something I later regret). The shipping prices are for domestic shipping only, if you live in the rest of the world, please contact me before ordering.

1. I didn't think I had any left, but there it was, still in its original wrapping: The Corina Glass-rod holder. My favorite tool to hold those pieces too short to hold with your hand.

$ 35.00



2. The first prototype for my new edition of the "Magic Wand"

slightly more "hefty" then the original, thicker brass paddles, better insulated handle, so it won't get hot.

$ 32




3. The very last batch of my Dominapron

Supersmooth leather, adjustable neckstrap (you can choose whether you want to burn your neck or your boobs). Unlike the original apron, the backstrap does not attach to the snapbuttons anymore (long story), but it's attached firmly at the edges of the apron. You can either tell me where you would want it, or I can send the strap separately and you can attach it yourself. $ 50  (for more info, go to



4. Raku Frit

I found two large bags of Raku Frit in a my lifetime I won't use that up, so it's time to share. Each box contains 7 ounces or either fine or coarse frit. I did some reasearch about the price and found some on Etsy that was $4.00 for 1 ounce. So, you'll get a good deal at $ 18.00 each.

1 - fine frit, 7 ounce, $ 18: 


2 - Coarse frit: 7 ounces, $ 18.00



5. 1 inch Orrb Press

This is one of my favorite presses, because you can use the beads for bracelets AND as small focals. It's a little hard to see in the picture, but the 3 different indentations are all different, they go from fairly thin on the left to thicker on the right - which means you always have the "right" depth for however much glass you have on the mandrel. This is the press I use for my "Snowflake Beads", because you have a lot of room for the design. 



6. Almost new Nortel Mega Minor - the workhorse of beadmaking torches

List price for a new one is $ 188, this one is $ 120....has a small amount of Corina Mojo



7. The great tool that never went into production: The Magic Flattener

There are people who like to make flat beads - but flattening beads with a masher is not always precise, unless you have a parallel masher, and even then the surface of the masher might not be large enough. Here comes the Magic Flattener, it comes with 3 different "pins" that create an even space between the top and the bottom of the tool. (If you want thinner beads you can always place washers in the corners). I really love this tool (even though I have never used it), the reason we never made it for sale is because it was so much work to produce that my toolmaker said "nope".....this might be the one tool I might regret having sold, but then again, I lived 7 years staring at it now and then, so I can probably live without it.....$ 120






Today I have 6 "Quark Frogs" to offer, each frog is $ 40 (which is "PP". Pandemic Pricing, usually I would charge $ 65 for these). another little "perks" is that if you purchase one of these little happy guys, you will get a 20% discount if you sign up for the upcoming frog class. 


to make it easy for me, you can't specify with frog you want, they are all equally adorable...


 I have 6 "dominapros" left, only, they don't come with the adjustable backstrap. The manufactuer made a mistake and the snapbuttons on the apron didn't match with the snapbuttons on the backstrap. O well. If you have the smallest amount of sewing skils (or have the right glue), it's a small fix. Accordingly I lowered the prices for these, instead of the initial $ 75, THESE aprons are only $ 25, and you get all the benefits of the original design, the high adjustable neckline and yes, Beverly, the D-ring to hang your classes of. I ship these via Priority Mail for $ 7.50. If you live overseas, please contact me first so we can figure out shipping.



I was going through my PDF collection and found "The missing files - Desigually". My absolute favorite of The missing files collection - if you're interested in using Murrini and Twisties and some good information on Design in general, I promise you will like the e-booklet, for only $ 8.00





Today I'm happy to offer a special deal: A 2 ounce bag of miscellaneous pewter beadcaps for $ 10.00. Each bag contains over 130 (I counted!) beadcaps of the following designs (no specific number per beadcap, the content of the bag is random, as I explained on my facebook group page). If you google "pewter beadcaps" you'll see that 7-8 cents per beadcap is a really good deal.


 a look at the "total deal" (i have 10 of these bags available):

 And a look at the bracelet in which I incorporated the beadcaps to the far right. I think they add a lot of "pizazz" to the lampwork


I added $ 5.00 for shipping, because I am adding one of my new "Screw-it-drivers" to the package. In case you're not interested in one of those, just let me know and I'll refund you $ 1.00



for my wonderful Group members: the complete Groundhog File. 

You'll have to click the button, because this is the only way I know how to add PDF files, I had to enter a price, so it's $ 0.01. It's a 2 page PDF with the page full of beads (and description of the design) and one page with miscellanous instructions




The first item is the Japanese Nipper, I have 10 pairs right now but will get more early next week (February 11-12, 2020)


The nippers are $ 40, domestic shipping is $ 5.00 (sorry, postage has gone up AGAIN)