Beyond the Beginnings – A Master class to master glass (price below is deposit only)


Class in Nokomis, Florida.
Dates: Monday, October 21 – Saturday, October 26.
Cost: $ 950. Limited to 7 students.

Class starts at 10 am on Monday, 9 am on all other days, there is a 1 hour lunch break and a 1-1 1/2 hour dinner break, the studio is open after dinner for practice, nothing new will be covered after dinner.

All materials will be supplied, as well as water and snacks, for lunch we usually pick up salads or sandwiches at the nearby Publix, dinners can be anything from sit down dinners at nearby restaurants, take out or “fend for yourself” depending on what the general mood is.

The price listed below is just the DEPOSIT, due at time of sign up, the remaining balance of $ 850 is due on the day before the class begins, payable via Zelle, check or cash, no PayPal or credit card payments due to the amount of fees charged by those companies..the deposit is refundable until 3 month before beginning of the class, and after that if I can fill your reserved spot with someone else.

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This fun filled class is appropriate for beginners and more seasoned bead makers alike, it focuses on all the techniques a bead maker SHOULD master: shaping beads, applying dots and creating dot based designs, stacking and masking dots, twisting dots, poking, stretching, making basic flowers, stringer control, raking lines, combining stringer and dots in an endless variety of designs, encasing, murrini, pen beads and a lot more. In order to really focus on the techniques this class we will use ONLY black, white and clear glass. This sounds kind of strange but it will be greatly enhancing your creativity, no kidding. I have taught this class several times and one of the prevailing comments was: “darn, I wished I had learned all this a long time ago”