Daffodil Bead Tutorial

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Daffodil Bead Tutorial: How to Make an Encased Daffodil Bead and Similar 3-D Flowers – A 54-page “class in a book,” with detailed instructions on making encased 3-D daffodils—including how to get inspiration, reality in glass, distorting dots, and shaping with tools. And an additional BONUS of 55 minutes of internet video!

This tutorial is written in the style of “Passing The Flame”: wordy and friendly, with each step illustrated by “down-to-the-point” color photos that get as close to the action as possible.
Among other topics and “closer look” chapters, you’ll learn all the steps necessary to make 3-dimensional daffodils and other flowers, by making trumpets with embedded stamen, flattening dogs, creating pointed petals using a variety of methods, and encasing beads with raised elements, which will increase your repertoire of bead-making skills beyond what you would expect. Even if you never intend to make a daffodil bead OR a flower bead, you will learn a whole bunch of new skills that will come in handy for your own style of beads.