Fancy Shards starter bundle



I bought a whole bunch of glass for my preparation of the Fancy Shards mini-class, and I have a little left to share with you if you don’t want to buy the 8 ounces minimum order at Olympic Colorrods. I have 4 bundles with 3 ounces each of Reichenbach Deep Black and Reichenbach Iris Orange (both 104 COE). Each bundle contains 4-5 rods of different diameters, which would be enough for about 10 large shards.

Buying one of these bundles is NOT cheaper than buying from Olympic Colorrods, but it allows you to experiment a little before committing to a larger order. When I sell something that I bought from a different vendor I have to add a variety of “side expenses “ (like PayPal fees, shipping tubes and bubble wrap etc) so I don’t lose money…

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