New Mega Marver 2023



I finally got a new batch of one of my favorite tools: the Mega Marver! It’s a “dual purpose “ tool, on the one side a flat marver for the “everyday “ marvering needs, and on the other side is a slight curve which makes shaping a bicone a breeze…the video will tell you more than words ever could.

The dimensions of the brass part is 2 inches wide by 2.5 inches long. The brass is NOT a polished on purpose, brass tools work better if they have a slightly textured surface which “grabs” the glass and makes shaping more effective. Once more thing I love about this tool is that the handle is right at the brass part, this way you have control then the “regular “ graphite marver where the handle is several inches away. And speaking of graphite: brass is a much cleaner than graphite, just rub your finger on top of a graphite tool and you’ll be amazed how dirty it is….

If you are a vault member, please watch the new video posted on March 25, 2023, otherwise please watch the video on the “Mega Marver” page. The indentation of the new tool is deeper but the process is the same.

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