Corina Tettinger

Hi, my name is Corina and I’m a bead addict.

I started making beads about 22 years ago, after coming across a beadmaking book in the local library. Before that I had never seen a lampworked bead or knew that you could make beads yourself. Thanks to a very supportive (now Ex-) husband I bought all the necessary equipment and from the moment I melted my first blob of glass I knew that life would never be the same again.

After taking a bunch of classes and “playing” almost every day, I decided that the world needed more detailed instruction, which is why I wrote “Passing The Flame”, a collection of tutorials lovingly referred to as “the bible of beadmaking”. I guess that makes me Moses….

A lot has happened in the beadworld since those early days – classes were available not only all over the United States, but throughout the world. I was lucky to be invited to teach in Japan, Australia, Europe and even South Africa. The Covid pandemic changed things again – instead of in person classes information is now plentiful online – and my background as a TV producer allowed me to “ride the wave”. Oh, I guess I didn’t tell you anything about ME.

I was born in Germany, went to law school and after a few not so well thought out decisions I ended up with a Master’s Degree in “Japanology” (everything having to do with Japan). My adventurous spirit led me to Japan, Austria and Egypt, where I met my husband, who imported me to the San Juan Islands in the Pacific Northwest, Washington State. When he talked about his home I only heard “Islands and Pacific”, so I was a little shocked when I arrived in Friday Harbor in the middle of May, and the temperatures were in the mid-40s, with a constant drizzle of rain. No white beaches, no palm trees….. I got over the shock and never looked back, I love living in a country where creative people can thrive.

Need to know more about me? Trust me, you don’t…..