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Back to Nature Bundle -- Special Price! - $50

  • Two Classes with 41 Lessons total

“Realistic Orchid Beads” and “Enchanted Forest: Making Lampwork Beads with Tree Motifs” Over 10 hours of amazing videos! The Orchids class is regularly priced at $24, and the Trees class is $36. Purchase this bundle of two incredible classes and save $10. 

The Lizard of Oz - $15

  • 12 Lessons

The Lizard of Oz

….is a fun-filled 4-hour class on making lizards and geckos which includes important details like a variety of eyes, various bead shapes, and different decorations to turn your lizards into a one-of-a-kind piece of glass art.

The Magic of Encasing - $50

  • 22 Lessons

This 7 3/4 hour course is the perfect companion for bead makers of all levels. From encasing small beads with transparent colors, encasing small beads with and without purposeful distortion to several different ways to wrap large focals in thin or thick layers of sparkling clear, this class will answer all your questions and will accompany you on your beadmaking adventure for many years to come.

Wild Things - $25

  • 12 Lessons

In this “fast and furious” class, I show you how to make the five most popular animal print beads: giraffe, leopard, zebra, cheetah and tiger. All the sample beads are lentils, but of course the patterns can be applied to any other shape beads.

Realistic Orchid Beads - $24

  • 14 Lessons

This 3+ hour “mini-class” will teach you everything you need to know about making orchids on Lampwork beads. Solid color petals, striped petals and hollow “lips” – no matter what level of bead making you’re at, this video class will take your floral beads to a new level.

Flower Bouquet Beads: Surface and Encased - $50

  • 36 Lessons

You won’t want to miss this self-paced series of videos showing you how to create several different flowers, then arrange them artfully. Both encased and surface applications will be demonstrated. Learn to create your own floral beauties, using either a few flowers, or an entire floral bouquet.

Rainforest - $150

  • 78 Lessons

In this on-demand class, you will learn how to make a variety of surface applied leaves, flowers, butterflies, birds and frogs, with an emphasis on understanding how to “translate” nature into glass. Intermediate to advanced skills recommended.

Winter & Christmas Video Tutorial Collection - $35

  • 18 Lessons

Unlock the magic of lampwork beadmaking with my “Winter & Christmas Tutorial Collection”. This online class features 18 engaging videos, perfect for beginners and experienced beadmakers alike. Explore captivating techniques, including Snowflake beads, colorful Christmas Light Bulbs, Winter Wonderland designs, and the highlight – craft enchanting Snow Globes with customizable winter and Christmas elements. Elevate your beadmaking skills at your own pace. Join me and bring the festive magic to your glass bead creations. Enroll now for a journey of artistic expression like no other!

Enchanted Forest: Making Lampwork Beads with Tree Motifs - $36

  • 27 Lessons

“Enchanted Forest “ is an exciting new class, both for beginners and advanced bead makers, that covers the topic of trees from all angles. Starting with the “generic tree”, trunks, branches and foliage, to a variety of specialty trees like birches, palm trees, African acacia trees and bamboo (yeah, I know, that’s technically not a tree, but it’s very cool)…apart from the trees themselves the class also dives into creating a visually interesting background that turns a mere tree into a small piece of art. bonus videos add knowledge about general techniques like making encased stringer, silvered ivory stringer or making your own frit.

The Ultimate Twistorial - $100

  • 54 Lessons

This class will teach you more about twisties than you thought was possible! The first 5 hours focus on MAKING twisties, from the most basic two-color twisties to fancy twisties, including dichroic, filigrana, and latticino. Includes 2.5 hours of making beads, buttons, pendants and even small blown vessels, plus a chapter on wigwags.

Let the twist begin!

Obsession in Black & White - $25

  • 15  Lessons

This 2 1/2 hour mini class will help you create an endless array of small black & white beads with lots of detail. It begins with basic dots, adding horizontal, vertical and crossings lines to create countless designs. Finally, I’ll show you how to sort beads into pleasing groupings and give you some ideas on stringing. Plus $20 bonus: “250 designs in Dots and Lines” pdf. Your beadmaking life will never be the same!