In a couple of months I am planning on moving my classes to a dedicated learning “platform”, but for the time being, you will find them on Facebook.

By “on-demand” I mean that there is no specific time or date when you have to be available, my classes are like 7-11: 24-hour access, even in your jammies.

After you pay for the class a number of things have to happen before you can hit the “start” button:

1.  We have to be friends on Facebook. If we’re not, I will send you a friend request, or you can send ME a friend request (Corina Tettinger), whoever is faster.

2. Once we are friends I will send you an invite to the class groups. Yes, the “s” is not a typo, each class consists of 2 groups, the actual CLASS, and the companion group, which is where you can ask questions, show off what you made or encourage the other students not to give up…

3.  Watching the class on Facebook is easy and convenient, as long as you follow ONE rule: click on the GUIDES tab! The guides page is very well organized and it’s no problem to watch the videos – and then watch the ones you enjoyed the most again. Especially if you print out the “timesheet” PDF for each class you will see exactly where everything is, and how long.

4.  Speaking of “long” – there is no limit on how long you have access to the class. Even after moving everything to a different platform, you will still have access to the classes.
5.  If you have questions about anything regarding classes, just contact me!