Butchard Garden Squares


This pattern used to be my all time favorite – but as I was browsing through my bead pictures I realized that I hadn’t made any in over 10 years. Is that possible. Anyway, I had just as much fun making them now as I had 10 years ago…I just added a little “twist”: making the beads square rather than roundish, which in my eyes adds a touch of “artsy” to the strand. If you  like making bracelets, I would recommend them for a larger wrist. You can probably get away with using 5 Lampwork beads and some spacers, which will leave you 2 beads for matching earrings. The raised design is onky on one side, the other side has black and white patterns….which I think is more comfortable to wear than having the decoration on both sides.

The strand is 6.5 inches long, each bead is approximately 20mm x 22mm.