Fossilbead Class

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Almost 6 hours, $ 75

The Fossilbead virtual class is similar to the Techniquark class in that it focuses on making components, but in a completely different, earthy color scheme – and it teaches working with fine stringer, making goldstone stringer and working with silver foil. A fan favorite, so to speak.

Virtual classes are currently available through Facebook. You must have a Facebook account to access them.

Watch this video for a preview of the class!

In a way, there are lots of “overlaps” with the Techniquark class, but there is a LOT that is different and warranted a separate class. The most obvious difference to the Techniquark class is that all the action happens on the surface of the bead, compared to the encased quarks. In that regard, it might be easier for beginners to master. As with most of my classes, there is a lot of “prep work”, like making twisties and murrini, and you will also learn to work with goldstone (Aventurine) and silver foil. There is information on how to work with fine stringer to create a fishbone and other “fossil-like” elements, and as a bonus, I’ll show you how to make an encased “fossil quark”.