Inside-out circus dreams (look at pictures of both sides)


Do I start each desciption with “these are my favorite beads to make?” If not, I should, because I really feel that way about all my beads. What is so much fun about this “inside-out” design is that you get the best of two worlds, one side shows the colors of all the elements, and has a slight “tactile” aspects, because the murrini, twisties etc. are flattened, but not to a “flush” state – but when you turn the beads around (which is likely to happen by itself when you wear them as a slightly lose bracelet)  you see the same design THROUGH the clear glass, which magnifies all the different design aspects. In a way, you get two beads in one….(I’m going to copy this description for the two other similar strands I have, call my lazy…..but the torch is calling!) . Make sure you look the the picture of the “encased” side in the gallery below.

This strand is mostly made with bright summer colors, with a hint of black and white for contrast, Each bead is 3/4 inch in diameter, just short of 1/4 inch thick,  7 beads, 5 1/2 inch long strand, comes with a “complimentary” set of my all time favorite pewter toggle clasp (Image below).