Corina’s Ultimate Twistorial

Now Available!

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This class will teach you more about twisties than you thought was possible! The first 5 hours focus on MAKING twisties, from the most basic two-color twisties to fancy twisties including dichroic and filigrana, as well as an extensive section on latticino.

Or course, you’ll also want to know what to DO with your splendid twisties, so I offer 2.5 hours of making beads, buttons, pendants and even small blown vessels. To top off the fun there is another chapter on making and using the elusive wigwags.

Each section not only shows you what to do, but also highlights the most common mistakes, as well as giving plenty of ideas to venture further into the fascinating universe of twistology.

Enjoy 54 videos at your own pace, and show off your results in a dedicated Facebook group.
The class itself is hosted by Podia, so even if you don’t have a Facebook account you can join in the fun. There is no limit to how long you’ll have access to the class. 

Let the twist begin!

Corina’s Twistorial is hosted on Podia. Click the button below to go there now.

Class cost is $100.