Since I had the pleasure of welcoming a few new members to the group, I thought there was time for an update. If you have been “with me” for a while, you will agree that the word that best describes me is “erratic”. I can show up here 5 times a day with the coolest tips and tricks, and then there is a long time with nothing…life seems to be tossing me around a bit these days – right now I’m super busy, mostly behind the scenes.

I committed to writing a tutorial for the September issue of The Flow…which I was super excited about and spent two days taking pictures and starting to write my traditionally lengthy instructions- only to find out that I did the exact same tutorial 2 years ago…how embarrassing that I didn’t even remember….now I have to think of something else….and I realized that taking videos is like 10 times easier than taking pictures and writing descriptions….

Apart from that, I am making beads because that is still my biggest passion and I big drought is ahead: I will start filming Passing The Flame Part 2 in September….I also have a long list of videos for “The Vault”, which seems to be taxing my web-friends….so I have to be patient, which doesn’t come naturally to me….so, that was basically it in a nutshell, what kind of image could I “decorate” this post with? Maybe a look at my hot plate I keep burning myself on….