I think we all have people in our lives who influenced us in a way we had no idea at the time. This weekend I thought of one of those people…I don’t know where I would be today if it hadn’t been for Jill Symons…

Over 20 years ago I started selling my beads on eBay. I think there were about 5 pages of listings at a time… I discovered a lady who make the most incredible beads, and we started communicating a little because she lived in Germany, because her husband was in the army. A few weeks into my eBay adventure my sales hit a snag – and I was about to give up because I thought my beads weren’t good enough to sell. It was Jill who talked me “off the ledge” and spent quite some time to help me figure out how to write good descriptions and take better pictures and her main advice was “just hang in there”….not only that, she also shared her secret for making her then signature design “Northern Lights”. Jill not only taught me about selling beads, but the power of caring and sharing,

If you have time, check out her website- To me Jill’s beads are some of the most beautiful beads around, they are “simple” in the most positive of ways, created with style and perfection, thanks so much dear friend, without you there would be no Corinabeads….